What To Expect


For baseball, both favorites and dogs are to win 1 unit. Example: -150 will be risking 1.5 to win 1, and +200 will be risking .5 to win 1.

Release times and methods

MLB will be distributed overnight, and as warranted on game day. There will be a 2-4 minute warning prior to overnight releases only.

Plays will be released via email and/or text. I do not currently have a countdown timer. Email is the most reliable method, specifically gmail.

No write-ups.


We anticipate approximately 50-75 plays/month. Volume is dictated by the lines and is subject to change.


Full and complete transparency. Every play will be published in the pick archives 5-15 minutes after start time.


DrHPicks.com is not an online gaming site.

It does not accept or place wagers.

Further, the information provided by DrHPicks.com and its twitter page @BT_DrH is intended to be used for legal sports trading purposes only and only in those jurisdictions in the world that allow such sports trading under their respective legal codes.

DrHPicks.com does not support or advise the use of any information that it provides to break any laws, including laws with respect to sports gaming.