MLB 2019 Season Packages


Monday, 4/2/2018 through Sunday, 6/11/18

Monday, 4/2/2018 through Sunday, 6/11/18

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Season packages start officially on Monday, 4/2/18 and run through Sunday, 6/11/18. 10 weeks.

If you would like help or instructions paying by Paypal or Western Union, or if you’d like to pay by bitcoins or cash, check, or money order by regular mail, please contact

This is a MLB only season package and does not include any other sport. The majority of plays will be released overnight although that is subject to change throughout the season. Typical release is around 10:30 pm EST but can vary due to market conditions.

Please make sure the service is appropriate for you, and that you have the necessary money management skills, bankroll, availability, and resources to justify the cost of the service. Past results are no guarantee of future results, and results will vary. There will be no refunds.

Anybody caught sharing the subscription with a group or another person , trying to sell part of the subscription, or in any way show that the subscription is being used by anybody except for the subscriber will have their subscription revoked with no refunds.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email at at any time with any comments or questions.